2012 Trip: TBA, Now Taking Suggestions

MOS adventurers!

We have not yet decided on the destination or timing for our 2012 trip(s).  But we are always interested in hearing your ideas!

Here are a few thoughts we are throwing around currently…

QUETICO: We do a canoeing trip to Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada, once every few years.  The last one was in 2009, so, 2012 may be time to go back again.  The great thing is, we’ve done Quetico over a dozen times, and never done the same route twice.  Lots of the park still left to explore.  This would be a week-long trip, in the summer months.

CALIFORNIA BACKPACKING: Three of the Seven MOS Advisors currently reside in California.  The Big Bear state has some of the nation’s premier backcountry parks and wilderness areas.  And yet, MOS has never done a trip to Cali.  This should be remedied, soon.  Some of the wilderness areas we’ve looked at include Yosemite, Desolation, Carson-Iceberg, John Muir, Ventana, Sequoia – Kings Canyon, Lassen Volcanic and Siskiyou.  This could be a weekender, or a week-long backpacking trip.

SUPERIOR TRAIL: When we want a canoeing trip, we hit the north woods.  When we want a backpacking trip, we head west.  Well, what about backpacking the north woods?  the Superior Hiking Trail is a 277-mile wonder that tracks along the rocky ridgelines along the north shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota.  Plenty of water sources, always a short walk to a beach, you can go campsite to campsite or town to town.

WEST COAST TRAIL, VANCOUVER ISLAND: This would be our first backpacking trip north of the border, and also our first coastal hiking trip.  The trail is supposed to be spectacular, you can camp on beaches… what else could you ask for?  This is likely a week-long trip.

MIDDLE OF NOWHERE: Being we are Middle of Somewhere, and we make such an effort to find pristine wilderness… how about a backpacking trip to the point in the Lower 48 that is furthest from any road?  That’s 22 miles as the crow flies, but more than 30 (each way) by trail distance.  This spot on the map is in the middle of the largest roadless wilderness in the Continental US – the River of No Return Wilderness, Targhee National Forest, Idaho.  The wilderness has 2,616 miles of trails, so no getting bored here.  If we intend to reach that mystical point on the map, it will take a solid week of hiking.

Any of those have special appeal?  Have another suggestion?  Let us have it!



James Janega

September 9th, 2011

Idaho. IDAHO.

Or Quetico.

Or both.

Dan DiCesare

January 22nd, 2012


Although the Superior Trail does sound intriguing.


March 12th, 2012

Anything that could be done in a long weekend sounds great to me.

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